Materials and recommendations

The BFD have compiled a list of different material and sources of information that we hope will promote and encourage you to have discussions with your friends and family. 


Love and War” by John and Stasi Eldridge £8.99

John and Stasi are a 25-year-married Christian couple that work for ‘Ransomed Heart Ministries’ in America. Together, they explore the ups and downs of married life with a bigger perspective on what it is all for in the first place, with a fundamental thread of including God at the very essence.

I found so much of their perspective on marriage ring true with me and our blessing:

  • We live in a love story, set in the midst of a very real war
  • We are essentially broken people (from our own experiences and from historical ones), marriage is God’s gift to help transform us into wholesome beings
  • There are three in our marriage
  • There should be more to marriage than just building a happy family and a nice home
  • The power of prayer within a marriage
  • Learning to love

I think this book is a perfect reminder of how to realign a marriage to centre it on God and to make the little changes needed to enrich and save any relationship. There are challenges to take on board but even just having a slightly different perspective is incredibly helpful.

The kind of thing I wish I read about a year or two into our marriage.

Aug 2016 ~ Christabel Haines