The Idea Behind the Marriage Blessing

What is the Marriage Blessing?

It is a chance to re-affirm your marriage vows, make a new start and gain God’s blessing. To compliment the Marriage Blessing, we run relationship courses and marriage enrichment seminars.

Three Steps to Peace

We need to find Individual Peace by becoming people of integrity through uniting our mind and body, maturing and developing our character and coming closer to God by living with higher values.

This is then the basis for gaining Peace in the Family, where by being faithful to each other and being truly loving parents the husband and wife can pass on their love to their children.

When families then live for the sake of others and the community, they become the basis for Peace in Society and in the nation. On the basis of strong families, our society will gain the sense of living for others, and we will become good stewards to the environment, taking proper care of nature.

Four Realms of Heart

All people mature and grow through four realms of heart, or love.
First, children need to receive true parental love from both their father, who gives a fathers’ love and their mother, who gives a mother’s love.
Second, once they have gained that love, they will then be able to love their siblings – losing their selfish nature and living for others. This will be extended to their peers when they grow up and deal with people at work and in society in general.
Third, on that basis, they will be able to love their spouse with a true conjugal love, living for the sake of their spouse and becoming one with them.
Fourth, as a united couple they will then be able to truly live for the sake of their children by giving them true parental love, thus completing the circle of love that will lead to stable families and societies.