The Marriage Blessing

The NeedThere are so many barriers between people, be they intercultural, inter-religious or between classes. Often these are created by inequalities due to economic, political, religious or even historic realities, and the only way to resolve these differences is to tap into values and viewpoints that transcend these differences – and gradually, step by step, generation by generation, build a culture of peace.

This culture of peace grows out of healthy family relationships grounded in true and selfless love, mutual respect, interdependence and “living for the sake of others” – in other words, a family culture of heart. So it is within a family that rivalries can be resolved, barriers taken down and love re-kindled, nurtured and passed on to future generations.

The Purpose: Rev Moon said (1),

The Blessing Ceremony is not simply a wedding ceremony where a man and a woman come together and then raise a family. Wedding ceremonies have so far been self-centered, but our wedding ceremony should be conducted in a sacred and magnificent manner, as something to return joy to God and as a precious offering to indemnify history.

As a youth, when you carefully keep a holy pure heart that is not dirtied or stained by the fallen world, where should you place it? You should place it on the altar that will bring God the greatest joy: the holy ground where a man and a woman with such a pure heart can meet and become bound as one. This should be the place where the bride and bridegroom meet.

It is from the family that giving and selflessness arise—the very qualities that lead to the realization of all ideals: the end of poverty, war, violence, injustice, and environmental pillage. 


After the Blessing:

Faith in the home

We encourage couples to practice their faith daily in their home, by reading holy scripture from their faith tradition, and through prayer or meditation. By reminding ourselves of the words of our founders, we can always strive to raise our standards and live for the sake of others. If the family includes children or young people, we also encourage them to particpate with their parents at a level appropriate to their maturity and faith.

Marriage preparation workshops for young people

To complement and prepare for the Marriage Blessing, various workshops are held throughout the year to prepare young people and children for a lifestyle that encourages them to keep themselves pure for their future partner, and to have an attitude of deep fidelity to their spouse after the Marriage Blessing.

Support for couples and family life

We offer seminars such as “Living in the 4 Great Realms of Heart“, a course for women for bringing out their best potential in marriage called “Growing Together“, marriage counselling, personal healing therapies ranging from massage to metamorphic technique and EFT, and twice yearly Personal Development Seminar featuring Family Constellations Therapy. All these are centring on the theme of human beings as creatures of heart with the potential to experience and express the deep power of love and creativity within ourselves.

Our seminars on the Marriage Blessing are held in various locations throughout the country.

Contribute to public life, beyond the family

It is well known that if families are actively engaged in helping their community, they are more fulfilled, more happy, and able to overcome difficult times more easily. For this reason, we support families who involve themselves in their local community.

  (1) Rev Moon Cheon Song Gyeong Book 3 True Love. p392