Who are we?

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Blessed Family Department UK Comittee


Programs Coordinator

Jennifer Nkumu

Born 1965, 30,000 Blessing with one child, aged 19.  She supports the work of BFD UK.  An additional special focus with BFD is to assist/support/outreach to Blessed families of African connections.  She is  passionate about personal development and healing, as a necessity and means to attaining one’s highest and original-self.  

She is a graduate of Business Management, and MA in IDS, Development Cooperation; other studies and work include: Adv. University Diploma in Couple/Individual Therapy (Relate Institute), and various other training and work with the abused; community mental health, and project development.  Her current passion is the study of African Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy.



Susan Crosthwaite

She is 61 years old and the wife of Ashley, mother of 2 children: one a married 24 year old young man and working University graduate, and one engaged to be Blessed young lady of 18 years of age who is studying at University to become a midwife.

She has been a counsellor for 40 years in Unification centres and on teams in Australia, the USA, Russia the UK and the European Continent. She was a teacher of the Divine Principle in Australia and USA from 1976 to 1990. She trained as a Massage Practitioner in 1991, as a Prepare/Enrich Guide ( a Marriage enrichment program ) in 1996, as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner in 2001, Couplehood as a Spiritual Path in 2006, as an Emotion Code Practitioner in 2009. Ashley and she taught 23 seminars for Marriage Enrichment between 1998 and 2015 around the European Region and in Australia.

She is passionate about personal growth and finding ways to be happy and fulfilled in life.  She wants to share the ideas that she find work well. She believes that the structure of the extended family is the genius idea which God created to help us become fulfilled, so her aim is always to help herself and others grow emotionally and in character within that structure.


Parents Matching Support Couple

Chris and Carol Jubb

They are a previously married couple Blessed in Camberg in 1981. They have 6 children and when their eldest started Sunday School in South London in 1988 they joined the Sunday school teachers team. From there they moved on to staffing a youth club which gained the support of Wandsworth Borough Council. They were the parent supporters of UK national HARP alongside Miriam Zaccarelli from 1996 to 2000 and subsequently took on the role of Youth Pastors for South London for a couple of years.

From 2005 to 2012 they were parent representatives for European STF, looking after parent-STF communications and attending the workshops to be able to pass on the spirit of the program to the parents of participants. Three of their children are blessed (living in USA, Australia and South London) and three have chosen their own spouse/partner. In November 2014, they accepted the role of UK representatives of the European Matching Support Team and they have visited 7 regions of FFWPU in UK during 2016 to promote our services alongside William Haines, Jennifer Nkumu and Keiko Brouard as part of the Blessing Information Days initiative.


William Haines

– Education Co-ordinator –

William has been involved with the education of young people for 25 years. He teaches workshops for young people all over the world and has co-authored a series of textbooks for the spiritual and moral education of young people. One was called My World & I: The way of love which looked at topics to do with love, sex, marriage, spirituality and family. He is director of education and has been involved with blessing education in the UK and Europe for a number of years. He has been happily married for 35 years and has four children, two of whom are blessed, and one grand-daughter.


Finance Officer/Sharing Project Co-ordinator

Daniel Lindström

Daniel Lindstrom is responsible for developing ‘The Sharing Project’ – providing one to one emotional support to individuals and couples. Daniel also oversees the financial aspect of our department.




Parents’ Matching Supporter

Keiko Bruard

Tom & Friederike Pritty


Assistant to Sharing Project

Christabel Haines


Assistance to Finance Officer

Jasper Browning


Four Seasons of Blessing Team

Rosi Beazer

David & Christa Rennie


Web Master

Kayo Hayashi